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We are committed to Viability and Sustainability in Energy, ICT and Environmental Partnerships.

Feeda is a Kenyan consultant company on green energy solutions, critical communication and transmission solutions with best market leads for technology owners. Keep pace in managing ICT critical challenges by adopting flexible, strategic and operational changes

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Helping drive the adoption of
Sustainable Energy Solutions, ICT & Environmental Partnerships

As a mission-driven organization, we work with policymakers, regulators, public agencies and businesses as an expert implementation partner and trusted information resource.
Our Focus Areas are:

energy saving projects

Green energy projects and solutions

We adopt a system integration approach that combines a variety of technologies to develop site-specific solutions and unique building integration proposals.

ecological waste management

Water & Waste Management solutions

We help transform value chains of water & waste - optimizing elements such as pump station maintenance, pump energy efficiency, sludge treatment, etc.

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Project Development & Evaluation

We offer professional guidance and mentorship on project development, water utilization & real-time private data communications to our customers.

Service Reseller Solutions

We are value addition resellers providing solutions & products on critical mission-based areas such as traffic management, airport and seaport security, etc.

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Technical & Support Services

We help you Design, Implement, Support, and Optimise either your ICT infrastructure or Project to help improve your operations and reduce costs.

waste disposal measutes

Feasibility Studies & Research

Either independently or with the customer, we team up in doing expert feasibility studies, pilot projects and demonstration.

About Feeda Energy

FEEDA Energy is among Kenya’s leading expert consultants on independent communication networks, solar power, hydro power, and waste-to-energy, water and sanitation solutions. Our thematic areas are practically derived from the effects of environmental changes technological challenges. We bring flexible and intelligent solutions designed to manage the immediate and future needs of our customers.

What is our Mission Statement?

We strive to provide ICT solutions to feasible sustainable projects in energy, water and waste management.

What is our Vision moving forward?

Our vision is to remain a key player and contributor in championing technological solutions that promote green energy production and environmental conservation to the benefit of communities in Africa.

What are the Values and Ethos that govern us?

1. Integrity: We are respectful, trustworthy, honest, excellent and thoughtful in all we do and say
2. Teamwork: We realize the power of an energized team and recognize that everyone is a leader. Together, our abilities and experiences unite with passion, enthusiasm and commitment to fulfill a common purpose.

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Our Partners

We partner with the world’s leading field Experts to accelerate your Organisation's Growth
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Meet our Team

We are a diverse unit with engaging and inspiring stories to inspire the fulfilment of our goals.
Managing director feeda energy

Mr. David Spann

Managing Director

Holder of a Msc. in Information Systems Management. Posses strong entrepreneural management skills acquired over the years in private & NGO sectors. Also an associate director at Kenya Finnish Services LTD and former General Manager at Jambo grand LTD. He holds a wealth of experience in National & International management networks.

ict director feeda energy

Mr. Eric Sereti

ICT Director

Majored in Computer Science with a focus on Cyber Security. He sits in public & private management boards on matters of ICT management and security. He worked as an associate manager at the Indian Insitute Technology.

alexina mudi feeda energy

Ms. Alexina Mudi

Sales Director

A former Public relations officer at Telkom Kenya and a member of the Nairobi County Assembly. Presentlly, Ms. Mudi works as an associate derictor at Shelinks entrepreneurs.


Email: info@feedaenergy.com

Phone Number: +254 70060721

Office Number: +254 705410626

P.O Box 52424-00200, Nairobi. KENYA

Physical Address:
Lavington Valley C5,
Lavington Road